A few of my friends were arguing that maturity and wisdom are almost similar and they come simultaneously. But one of them was very adamant that they are really different! They have asked me to put my thoughts on this post this morning. It is my opinion. I might be wrong because experts and learned people may have a different viewpoint. So, here it is:


Wisdom is learnt experience in life,
Maturity is just physical growth in time;
Wisdom teaches Man to be wise,
To avoid pitfalls in choices of action,
Maturity does not make Man wise,
It just advances Man nearer to the grave!
Wise men weigh the consequences of the choice made,
Matured men may just use head knowledge to decide,
But lack the experience of the wise;
A wise man knows and understand the things he talks about,
A matured man may not fully comprehend;
Gather wisdom and store them as we grow old,
And be a wise matured men!


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