Did I enter this world by choice? No, definitely not! Then, where were was I before I appear on this earth? The answer is “I do not know!”

The beginning of life and the enigma of Man still remains a mystery! Each religious belief have a different version of where we come from but science says we are here because of THE BIG BANG! That is how the universe come into being!

There are many people who laugh at people who believe that they are created by God. They ask: If every thing has a beginning, then who created God? If every thing has a beginning, what has no beginning. There must be someone or something that exist in the very beginning. So, that is the very mystery we must solve. Once we can solve this, then we will have a common platform and we can argue until we die, but still will be unable to come to an amicable conclusion!

Although I did not come to this earth by my choice, I know I am here for a special mission. I believe that every one of us has a special reason to be here and it is very important to find out what our mission is!

Life cannot exist by accident. Everything exists for a purpose and a reason.
What is your purpose or reason that you are alive and living? Do find out!


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