How I wish that I am a graphic artist or a cartoonist,then I can produce today’s posting in drawings:

Nowadays, a very small family lives in a very big flat whereas,a big family is compacted into a tiny one.

Ladies endowed with big breasts wear small sized bras, but those who have small ones camouflage them with very large ones.

Mothers choose longer shorts or dresses for their daughters while they themselves wear very shorter ones.

Men are spotted with longer tress of hair while the females have short ones.

Husband and wife have nothing to talk about but husband and mistress much to discuss.

Wealthy people cycle to keep fit but poor people cycle to earn a living.

Bosses fire their employees we when they are under perform, now employees fire their bosses when they are underpaid!

These and many more are the ironies of life. You may disagree but I witness them daily through my eyes………


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