After stop working for a very long time, I am quite apperehensive to going back to work. This time it is a very different kind of job. I am undertaking a different role and given the opportunity to change or employ new strategies. I love this kind of job even though it is for a very short spell. It isn’t work when we are enjoying the work that we are doing!

It is a funny feeling altogether when I wake up looking forward to be doing something useful and meaningful. The outlook is totally beyond description! It is like you are given a new lease in life – a matured appreciation and perspective!

This then is the kind of life which we fail to grasp or appreciate even though it is before our eyes! When young and full of energy and vitality, we chase after the rainbow to build the world we envisage. We busily trying to build the future and forgetting to live and love today! What a pity…..! 


2 thoughts on “BACK TO WORK

    1. The kind of job which you love doing without any pressure from any quarters. We just work as we please but according to our schedule and objective in mind. I have found such a job but for a short spell only!

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