I met a very interesting old man this morning. He was selling facial tissue paper. He walked from table to table at the coffee shop asking people to buy the tissues from him.

One kind hearted gentleman in his thirties gave him a dollar and refused the three packets of tissue. The old man refused to take his money.

“Thank you for your kind heartedness, sir;  but I will not accept your dollar! I am not a beggar!” he said. “I’m doing a business, not begging!” he added

“I don’t mean it that way!” the young man was taken aback. He quickly drank his coffee, took the tissues and hurried off.

This was the scenario. 

A friend of mine remarked, “Beggars have become creative nowadays!” They give you tissues; some give you biscuits. Then, some gives you one bundle of joss sticks!”

“What about foreigners? They sell dolls, key-chains, wallets, belts and socks!”

Any comment? Over to you!


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