I just have 5 questions to whet your appetite today. If you like to have more puzzles and games, please look into the archive. I posted them on Lum’s space a very long time ago.

Now, put on your thinking caps.

Then check to find out if you get all correct. Here we go:

1. When does an ass have wings?

2. What do you call a ward for sick cows?

3. What do we need to create a chart?

4. When will we see a worm wearing a ring?

5. Why must we be careful in what we believe?

Here are the answers:

1. An ass (s) will have wings when it s-wings.

2. Coward.

3. Art

4. When we see a ringworm.

5. There is a “lie” in what we believe!

Hope you have enjoyed yourselves. Just write to me. Thank you.


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