Try to solve the following riddles without looking at the answers. I am sure you will enjoy them. Please do not give up when you are stumbled by them.

1. Why do we see many fishes queueing up along the river bank every morning?

2. Why do giraffes have long necks?

3. A very wealthy man has three wives. He married the first wife at the age of 38 and his second wife at 39. He had forgotten that he married another lady when he was between 38 and 39! How is he going to introduce her to his relatives and friends. Can he say “my third wife?” Please help him!

4. When we cut open a human heart what do we see sticking out in the middle?

5. What do you use when you eat?

Now check the answers below:

1. The fishes want to deposit or withdraw their money at the River Bank.

2. They have long necks so that they are able to see what all the other animals are doing over the tall fence.

3. Call her “midwife. ” (Middle)

4. The letter ‘a’.– he a RT!

5. Surely you will use your hands.

Did you get all correct?


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