Lum's space

When life is full of frustration,
We need a sanctuary to hide;
Walk into the forest of nature,
Watch how tiny insects survive!
Learn their secret ways to live,
Comprehend how each species,
Uses different skills to solve its predicament;
These tiny creatures impart their skills,
Only to humble seekers,
Then muster our courage to face,
Our life’s greatest challenge!
Each creature has great patience and endurance,
It will focus and concentrate,
Without giving up its hope and faith,
Until it overcomes its obstacle!
When an ant cannot climb over a huge boulder,
It goes circumventing it!
When the morsel of food is too heavy to move,
They unite their effort and move it in unity
Each performs its action relentlessly,
Without any thought of giving up!
If tiny creatures know how to survive in their world,
Why can’t we survive in ours?

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