Life is a complex journey with many stopovers,
Until it reaches its final destination;
We begin life on earth without knowing our origin,
Without our consent we appear and exist;
What choice do we have but to march forward,
Where are we heading to?
Now we are given choices to decide,
And search for the meaning of life,
And the purpose of our existence!
Don’t chase after rainbows of wealth and fame,
They give only temperal joy and happiness,
Causing lots of anguish and pain!
Search the scriptures fervently,
The word of God will reveal the truth!
We will know the purpose of our existence,
And death is not to be our permanent home;
God will reveal Himself,
To those who earnestly seek Him,
Our eyes, heart and mind will receive His grace,
May this Christmas specially bring,
Jesus into your heart and home!


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