Many of us love to keep wise sayings which teaches about life or the Truth. I like to rewrite them in my own way!

Some say that it’s unethical. But is it true?

We learn from the wisdom of past. From past wisdom, we arrive at the present. Who does not learn and then develops his own. All writers, poets….and in fact every one of us, do!

Hence, the truth does not belong to any one or any religion. This is because one truth reveals another and another. There is linkage. The old penny-farthing becomes the modern day bicycle. From unicycle (one wheel) to a bicycle, then tricycle …and many more!

Hence the following are my LIFE-POINTERS because I discover/create them myself. There is no copyright! You will find each one useful when you think a little deeper!


  1. Walls have ears and ceilings have eyes; you better keep the secret to yourself!
  2. Necessity is the mother of inventions but it can also be the father of many a crime!
  3. Look before you leap but remember to switch off everything before you sleep!
  4. Money speaks louder than words but action will prove its worth!
  5. Fear is in the eyes of the beholder but love is between the giver and the receiver!
  6. Hollow words make the loudest noise but still water seeps stealthily underground!
  7. A rubber ball will bounce and float while a lead ball will sink and drown!
  8. Knock before you enter the room but look at the floor before you use a broom!
  9. Good food will lead to gluttony; good wine will make drunken company!
  10. Throwing your weight around makes one feels grand but when it backfires you’ll be in a slam!
  11. It takes two legs to dance and two hands to make a clap but it takes only a rotten apple to spoil the whole crate.
  12. We need an extra hand to scratch our back but we need two extra hands to carry us up!
  13. When we remove a nail from a wall, we will still leave a hole behind!
  14. Happiness adds and multiplies when we share it with others but hatred doubles that speed when we spread it around!
  15. A pinch of salt will enhance the taste of the soup while a handful of it will make us throw the soup away!
  16. A miss is as good as a mile. That is why when we give an inch to others, they will take a yard.
  17. Fire is a good servant but a bad master. Humans are worse at both positions!
  18. Advice is good medication for others but not for self consumption!
  19. Birds of a feather flock together, but they fight tooth and nail among themselves for a nesting place!
  20. Productivity is reducing the number of counters to serve the same number of clients. They can always wait a little longer in the queue!
  21. A fish will never be caught by the angler if it does not open its big mouth to swallow the bait! It has to learn to nibble it!
  22. If you want to gamble to win, you must be prepared to lose all your assets!
  23. It is advisable for a fool to keep quiet. Lest, when he opens his mouth, he has to eat humble pies.
  24. There is always calm before an approaching storm! So, take heed when you see it coming!
  25. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. A good host or hostess must provide lots of varieties in order to satisfy the guests!
  26. A good wallet must be able to expand and contract according to the contents it contains!
  27. Paddle your own canoe if you want it to go your way. Otherwise, it will follow the direction of the currents and tides!
  28. Make hay while the sun shines and repair your leaking roof before the rainy season!
  29. Stains on clothing are easily washed away, but stains on one’s character are usually permanent!
  30. A fish can never be drowned but it can be fried or steamed.
  31. We need a thief to catch a thief; hence we need a policeman to catch another policeman.
  32. A judge in court will uphold the law but when he is outside the court, he tramples it under his feet!
  33. The mirror reflects exactly what it sees. If our reflection is not perfect, we have only ourselves to blame!
  34. What is happening now is the result of what we have done previously. So, do not lament!
  35. When the cold winds are blowing, we can feel the cold. What is stopping you from putting on a sweater?
  36. All men are equal. The inequality lies within us!
  37. We are very unique and rare because there is only one of us in the whole world!
  38. If 1 plus 2 makes 3 and 2 plus 3 makes 5, why is it that 1 times 2 makes 2 and 2 times 3 makes 6? When 1 plus 2 is more than 1 times 2; then 2 plus 3 should be more than 2 times 3? Logical thinking, isn’t it?

There are more interesting ones. These are just some of the examples. Hope you find them useful!


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