It is exactly one year that I have been working! From the month of June I will be a free man.

During this one year stint I have met and made friends with many foreigners. I have deep impression of each one of them when they leave Singapore. I truly miss all of them!

Well then, this is life! Lots of farewells and goodbyes. Perhaps we may meet one another soon!



Words not only give us meanings but they also encapsule sound advice if only we allow them to speak!

1. When we are bewildered in life, we usually ask “Where are you, God?” It seems God is nowhere to be found! Little do we realize that God is ‘now here’  – right beside us!

2. The word ‘thought’ warns us that we ‘ought’ to think the thought over before we reveal it.

3. How do we know that’wheat’ can be eaten?
It is because it ends in…eat!

4. Why do we ‘bless’ others? It is because they have ‘less’ while we have more.

5. What do we see in ‘art’ ?
We can see the artist pouring out his/her ‘heart’ on canvas!

6. A woman always stands by her’man’.

7. A well written prose will smell like a ‘rose’.

There are many other words that can evoke our thoughts if only we allow them.


There are hidden truths in the words we use daily. Here are some examples:

1. There is someone hidden in myself and yourself. Do you know who he/she is? Answer: It is the little ‘elf’.

2. It is a good habit to question and understand what we believe in. Let us be careful because there is a ‘lie’ in the word ‘belief’.

3. He who has pride has unknowingly committed sin. Why is that so? It is because ‘I’ stand in the centre of both words.

4. We feel lonely when we are alone. There is no one around us. We are the only ‘one’.

5. Peace is the most important ingredient in life. That is why it is spelt ending in ‘ace’.

There are many other words which have hidden truths in them. They are words within a word. With a little creativity we can reveal the truth!


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Most of us do not know how blessed we are! Neither do we appreciate that we are born without any disabilities.

Just the other day, I happened to speak to a blind man while we were waiting for the same bus. That conversation was/is an eye-opener for me!

I told him how I used to admire him to know his daily route so well. He is just as independent as any one who has sight. He just smiled and said, “Well, I have gone through many, many obstacles before I learn to be independent!” He didn’t know that I’m an old man because I did not tell him so.

I asked him about the surroundings of the bus inter-change we were in. Though his description was not 100% accurate, I am still intrigued how he stored all the information in his mind!

Because of the conversation with him, I just…

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We have to search and dig,

For jewels  of hidden wisdom in words;

Bisect and sieve them with a creative mind,

The jewels are for keeps when you find!

Word within a word will  caution us

These are mere examples (do not laugh),

There is a ‘lie’ in things that we ‘be lie ve’;

We must trust  ‘us’ or ourselves,

Before we can learn to ‘trust’ others;

When we ‘hear’ with our ‘heart’,

Sympathy we shall impart!

When someone ‘hears’ with only ‘ears’,

He does it most reluctantly;

When we are proud and full of ‘pride’

The ‘i’ always stands out very clearly!

When we see all things ‘red’

‘Hatred’ rears in our head!

A word can be spelt from left to right,

It becomes another word from right to left;

A ‘drawer’ can be used as a ‘reward’,

A ‘dog’ can never be ‘god’!

We can use  ‘tar’ to…

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All of us want wealth, glory and fame. A person who does not want or desire to have any one of them must be a saint! Desiring and wanting them is good but if we go bashing ourselves to have them irregardless of what happens, then we are indeed blinded by them.

Some people can or are willing to sell their souls in exchange for them! Get them through whatever means – that will be disastrous to our lives!

I hope to share this poem with all of us. May it speak to us:


Some people run after wealth and popularity,
Others go for fame and glory,
They are just temporary names,
Which pass on like a party-game,
From one to the other!

When it sticks to us, we rejoice,
When it leaves us, our lives will be in turmoil,
Fleeting moments of joy,

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Spews out,

Sharp, injurious words,

Creating deep nasty wounds;

Bottled-up emotions freely fly off,

Without any restraint or after thought;

No thinking of immediate outcome,

Just face the music,

At least satisfied,

Anger subsides,