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When mother was alive,
She would soothe my aches and pain,
And wiped the tears from my eyes;
When I was afraid and fearful,
Her hugs banished all the anxiety and fear;
When I did some mischievous wrong,
She admonished me seriously with a song;
Now that she is no more around,
I have to soothe myself the aches and pain,
And wipe the tears from my eyes;
Face the anxiety and fear bravely alone,
And bear the consequences of my mischievous deed;
O how I wish that I have not out-grown,
The protective arms of a dear mother’s care!

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Lum's space

O spider,
From whom do you learn,
To master the technique of weaving,
Such beautiful and intricate webs?
How much patience and pains you spend,
To complete such a masterpiece?
Yet the cruel wind does not appreciate,
Your fine arts and creation,
Tears down the work you laboriously create!
Through years of practice,
I try to perfect my art;
With much tears and toil,
I am back from where I start!
How I wish to learn your secret,
And produce just one masterpiece of art,
Not for others to appreciate,
Just to satisfy my lust!

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Lum's space

When life is full of frustration,
We need a sanctuary to hide;
Walk into the forest of nature,
Watch how tiny insects survive!
Learn their secret ways to live,
Comprehend how each species,
Uses different skills to solve its predicament;
These tiny creatures impart their skills,
Only to humble seekers,
Then muster our courage to face,
Our life’s greatest challenge!
Each creature has great patience and endurance,
It will focus and concentrate,
Without giving up its hope and faith,
Until it overcomes its obstacle!
When an ant cannot climb over a huge boulder,
It goes circumventing it!
When the morsel of food is too heavy to move,
They unite their effort and move it in unity
Each performs its action relentlessly,
Without any thought of giving up!
If tiny creatures know how to survive in their world,
Why can’t we survive in ours?

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We can never be happy,
When we are dissatisfied;
As we compare what our neighbours have,
And what we lack!
Lacking breeds jealousy,
Envy gnaws our dissatisfied mind,
We will never be at peace and on par,
When we want to keep up with our Joneses!
Our craving mind demands more and more,
Till we work our guts out,
Trying to fill up a bottomless pit!
Eradicate this craving mind,
Contentment will cut off its cancerous growth,
Enough and sufficiency will set in,
And form the base of the pit;
Slowly things will change and appear in a new light,
And we will have calm and peace within!
Unlock the door of contentment,
And spread it on all that we have,
This is the secret key,
Which unlocks the door of true happiness!

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Try to solve the following riddles without looking at the answers. I am sure you will enjoy them. Please do not give up when you are stumbled by them.

1. Why do we see many fishes queueing up along the river bank every morning?

2. Why do giraffes have long necks?

3. A very wealthy man has three wives. He married the first wife at the age of 38 and his second wife at 39. He had forgotten that he married another lady when he was between 38 and 39! How is he going to introduce her to his relatives and friends. Can he say “my third wife?” Please help him!

4. When we cut open a human heart what do we see sticking out in the middle?

5. What do you use when you eat?

Now check the answers below:

1. The fishes want to deposit or withdraw their money at the River Bank.

2. They have long necks so that they are able to see what all the other animals are doing over the tall fence.

3. Call her “midwife. ” (Middle)

4. The letter ‘a’.– he a RT!

5. Surely you will use your hands.

Did you get all correct?


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Just last evening, I overheard some one speaking on his mobile telephone while I was riding home in a bus: You are the author…..

It sets me thinking deeply. Yes, indeed! Everyone of us is an author even though we do not realize it. Don’t you know that each of us is writing our own autobiography every day!

A book has to be bought and read by an individual. Our daily lives are read by people whom we interact with: friends and foes. It reaches a wider audience than a book! So, how does each of our autobiography like? Each day can be a chapter of our life! How do your friends and others view you as they read your autobiography? What kind of legacy are we leaving behind ?

Well, these are some of the thoughts that come across my mind as I write this post. I know you…

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