The seed of life like all other seeds,
Must be exposed to the sun, rain, dew and wind,
To grow into a strong and sturdy tree,
In sheltered and protective environment,
Will stunt its growth and health,
Becoming weak and feeble!
To stand against the natural elements,
It needs strong a strong trunk and deep roots:
Standing in the midst of other tall towering trees,
It learns to spread its roots deeply into the ground,
To stand erect its trunk must be sturdy like the oak!
Standing against the howling winds and roaring gales;
Such a tree will survive while all others die!


The senseless killing of innocent lives,

By cowardice political and religious groups,

Ought to be condemned world wide,

Come forward and declare war openly,

Instead of hiding behind your cowardice act,

Each country must flush out these individuals,

And punish them mercilessly,

To atone for their cruel misdeeds,

Sending their souls to hell!


Short stop,
To enjoy success,
To rejuvenate eager determination,
To progress further to completion;
The set-out target is within reach,
Employing this self motivational technique,
To enjoy each success,
Though small celebration,
Great impact,


All life is governed by time,
The cyclical seasons,
Changes the activities of lives;
The years gobbled silently by,
While death puts a stop to their existence!
Time is swallowed swiftly by the seconds,
The seconds are over-run by the minutes,
The minutes are chewed by the hours,
The hours are grounded by the days,
The days grow into weeks and months,
The months are churned into seasons,
The cyclical seasons bloom into years,
The years are digested and ended in death!
This is the cyclical seasons of time,
It goes on and on,
Till death puts a stop to life!


Changes take place every second of the day,
A moment ago and a moment before is not the same!
There is a gulf in between,
Even though we are stationary,
Time and changes take place!
Nothing can be absolutely certain and remain static,
It is always eaten up and erased by time;
How certain are we of our future?
How certain are we even of ourselves?
We are being pushed forward by the tide and current of time!
One event is certain and will never change:
We succumb to death at the end of life,
After that comes the judgement!
Hence are we prepared to meet God now?
Sooner or later?
Be ready for the big day ahead!


Fake news,
Intend to cause distortion,
Sow doubts or to create rumours;
To serve as a diversion,
To get a temporal respite,
To get reproof or rebut,
In order to get further information,
To clear the air!
Politicians use fake news to camouflage,
Their real intentions,
To catch their opponents off guard,
To wiggle their way when mistakes are made,
To make their opponents to cough out the truth;
News are always written with the journalists’ biasness,
Read and discern carefully what we read and hear,
Lest we are being led and won over by fake news!


He who conquers another in battle is mighty,
But he who conquers himself is mightier,
The mightiest of all:
He who conquers himself and others without blood shed!
We can defeat the weak when we have brute strength and might,
Greater strength and determination is needed to overcome the “self”,
We must possess all these to be the mightiest!
Conquering others and self without blood shed,
Needs great wisdom and power,
The conqueror wins the hearts and minds of the people;
The people willingly submit to his overpowering awe,
And become loyal subjects to his rule!