When I was young and naive, I wanted to change the environment and the world.

Instead it was the other way round! The environment and the world absorbed and changed me.

The idealistic world which I envisaged can only be found in my dreams! What a utopian thought!

Who am I to think of changing and impacting the world? These are noble but naive thoughts!

I learn to compromise and flow along with the current to achieve my goal. Though it is a longer route, I avoided many heart-aches. It is a wise and better way!

This is the most important lesson I learn in life?


The drug addict in his padded cell,

After the third cold-turkey,

Sat motionlessly in reminiscence:

A young adolescent,

Gripped by the mighty vice of heroin,

Unable to free himself from  its deadly jaws,

Daily chasing the dragon to find relief,

Beg, borrow, rob and steal,

All these leading him to kill;

A miserable wretched life has led,

Awaiting sentence in the coming week,

With sunken hollow eyes and high cheekbones,

On a ghastly skeleton frame,

Death is imminent,

Natural or otherwise!

The only regret he has,

We could only guess!


I have not met you as strangers,

But friends I have not seen,

From faraway lands;

Destiny has brought you to Singapore,

To enrich our lives as we share:

Each of you has broadened my outlook,

Of lands and seas I have never been,

Of changing times in our global world;

I am amazed by your talents and contributions,

To our small country;

I hope you will experience and find,

Singapore is a home away from home,

And decide to make your roots here:

For I hate to say farewells and goodbyes,

To friends whom I hold so dear!




The file of life is full of occurrence,

Farewell and goodbye are not my favourite words;

Both evoke a sense of parting sadness,

Bringing tears to swell our eyes!

Parting among loved ones or friends,

Causes emotional upset and adjustment;

The parting can be short, long or forever,

No one can predict or foretell;

The uncertainty of life,

Hangs in equilibrium at present,

May tilt to either end,

Appreciate and live fully the present moment,

Before we have to bid,

Farewell and goodbye,

To all our loved ones and  friends!


I met a very interesting old man this morning. He was selling facial tissue paper. He walked from table to table at the coffee shop asking people to buy the tissues from him.

One kind hearted gentleman in his thirties gave him a dollar and refused the three packets of tissue. The old man refused to take his money.

“Thank you for your kind heartedness, sir;  but I will not accept your dollar! I am not a beggar!” he said. “I’m doing a business, not begging!” he added

“I don’t mean it that way!” the young man was taken aback. He quickly drank his coffee, took the tissues and hurried off.

This was the scenario. 

A friend of mine remarked, “Beggars have become creative nowadays!” They give you tissues; some give you biscuits. Then, some gives you one bundle of joss sticks!”

“What about foreigners? They sell dolls, key-chains, wallets, belts and socks!”

Any comment? Over to you!