We can’t lie to God,

For He knows everything!

We can’t lie to family members,

For they know us through and through!

We can’t lie to lawyers,

For they help to defend us in lawsuits!

We can’t lie to doctors,

For they cure us from sickness!

We can’t lie to our neighbors,

For they can easily find out the truth!

We can’t lie to friends,

For they can help us in times of need!

We can’t lie to our enemies,

For they can become our friends one day!

To whom then can we lie?

It is best to tell the truth!



We are saved by faith in Jesus Christ or by the grace of God? Why do we split hair as to who is right or who is wrong?

Satan must be laughing out loudly to himself! Just a little scheme of his can cause a great division among the children of God.

These two groups of believers are just like the blind men groping the different parts of the elephant. Only God knows the answer!

It is through GRACE that God allows us to be reconciled with Him through Christ’s death and atonement for our sins. Then through FAITH in Christ we become children of God. Both must go hand in hand! Then it is by GRACE and FAITH in Christ that we continue to live out our new lives. Whether we go to heaven or hell is up to the MERCY of God. That is the simplest and basic way from Salvation to Heaven!


What’s the difference between a Christian blog and a secular blog in terms of advertising?
I have come to the conclusion that they are the same! They use lies to attract readers to join their courses or buy their products!
Does God allow Christians to employ such tactics or God will overlook such behaviour just for competition to be at par with non Christian organisations?
I fully support and respect those organisations which trust in God and will bless them in whatever they are doing and not confirming to lies and cheating!
Any comment,any one?


The old couple in the empty nest,

Happily reminiscing the years gone by,

When little feet running in and out of the rooms,

With laughter and cries, shouting and groans;

Those are the happy days of toil and sweat,

Watching their chicks fully grown!

Years flash like lightning strikes,

The chicks have spouses of their own,

Very soon there will be,

Pitter-patter of tiny new feet,

Running in and out of the rooms,

Another generation will call it their home!


Man like a hard working horse,

Works day in and day out,

He works and saves,

He works and saves,

For a secure distant future;

The years roll by, he does not realize,

It is time for him to retire and rest!

But he has not learnt how to relax!

Unable to adjust to the new life,

He goes back to slave and save,

Slave and save;

Till both his legs step into his grave!


Physical beauty is on the outside,

It fades away in the passage of time;

But inner beauty matures by time,

Becoming more beautiful and attractive,

Fleshy beauty is delicious feed for worms to eat,

Inner beauty is for the owner to keep!

Cultivate your inner beauty along the way,

It will be an asset never a loss:

It will last you to a ripe old age!


Growing old is no fun,

From morn to the setting sun,

Forgetting this, forgetting that;

All I hear is nag, nag…… and nag!

All my actions are classified as slow,

No matter how hard I try to show,

All meat is too difficult to chew,

Putting everything in stew!

Food is tasteless and bland,

No msg, no sugar nor salt,

No curry, no spices nor fats,

Must be on a strict diet and more!

If this is life for the old,

Let me eat my porridge before it turns cold!